HANDS History

HANDS was started sixtten years ago by a local retired businessman, Don Simpson.  HANDS is a community Foundation that is a registered 501(c) 3 under IRS code.  All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible. HANDS is a local charity, not supported by any national organization. All money raised stays in Medina County to benefit our senior citizens.

Helping HANDS
Don Simpson created a county-wide paper in 1995 that would be easy for seniors to read and handle and provide information essential to improving the quality of their lives. Helping HANDS, a tabloid size newspaper, has grown from eight pages to thirty-six pages with a circulation of over16,000 households.  It is mailed free of charge six times per year to seniors, their familly members, elected officials and community leaders.  Helping HANDS contains informative and entertaining articles geared toward seniors and their issues. The paper is supported solely through advertising revenue. The proceeds from the paper are used to fund the Senior Wishes (see below) program. 

Senior Wishes  
Senior Wishes recognizes the need to provide goods and services to seniors and their families that are otherwise unavailable through any other resource. Similar to the “Make a Wish” Foundation for children, but for older adults.  Senior Wishes is done by Grant Application through a third party to maintain the integrity of the program.  Current cap is $150. The Grant Application process is extremely “user friendly” and time sensitive.  Most grants are turned around within a week. Some examples of wishes granted include the following: air fare for a grandmother to see her grandson graduate from college out of state, plumbing repairs for a woman washing her dishes in the bathtub since her kitchen sink did not work, paying a portion of back real estate taxes for a terminally ill gentleman so that he could remain in his home, air conditioners, bathroom safety rails, wheelchair ramps, car repairs, helping with transportation expenses for medical appointments, and numerous home repairs such as bringing electrical and plumbing up to code.  Senior Wishes does not fund monthly expenses, i.e. rent, utilities, prescriptions, food. There is no other program like this in Medina County or surrounding counties and we have been approached by other counties to assist them in implementation.  It fills a huge void in services to our seniors.  The Senior Wishes program has grown dramatically since 2001 when we funded $1450.00 of Wishes to 2010 when over $50,000.00 was spent to help seniors with basic needs and fulfill their Wishes.   

Making Prevention Work; For Older Americans
As people age, their bodies respond differently to alcohol, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, herbal supplements and tobacco. 
Making Prevention Work: For Older Americans
is a local initiative designed to provide education and prevention services to older adults addressing the use and misuse of alcohol, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, herbal supplements and tobacco.  In addition, this program provides educational services to health care professionals, the families and caregivers of older adults and promotes community awareness of these issues.  This initiative delivers these services through a variety of programs; educational articles in Helping HANDS, community presentations and Prevention BINGO.  The HANDS Foundations serves as a local resource for referrals, information and assistance.  This initiative is a collaborative effort between the HANDS Foundation and Cornerstone Wellness, Inc.


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